Collaborative Pediatric Critical Care Research Network


Steering Committee Meeting

Three times a year the CPCCRN Steering Committee convenes for a three day discussion regarding the state of the network. Attendees include: Research site Principal Investigators and Alternate Investigators, Research Coordinators, NIH officials, and Data Coordinating Center staff. Topics of discussion include network administration, current projects, and future projects. This meeting promotes the kind of collaboration and open communication that the network strives for.

PICU-COS Delphi Site For Study Members

Welcome Steering Committee Members! If you are participating in our PICU-COS steering committee, you can access your dashboard here.We love our Delphi participants! If you are participating in our PICU-COS Delphi Surveys, you can access your dashboard here.If you are...

GRACE study

The GRACE (GM-CSF for Reversal of immunopAralysis in pediatriC sEpsis-induced MODS) study recently opened in the CPCCRN network. The purpose of this study is to establish the immunologic efficacy of GM-CSF administered by the IV and SQ routes in children with...

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 Contact information:
Randi Willey
Administrative Program Coordinator

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