Study: CPCCRN Core Data Project (CCDP)

Study Type: Registry
Study Period: January 2004 – ongoing
Enrollment: 109,216
Consent: Waived


The CPCCRN Core Data Project (CCDP) obtains descriptive information about all Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) discharges from the network Clinical Centers, based primarily on Clinical Center hospital administrative databases, and creates a database to be used by the CPCCRN investigators and the NICHD. The project provides pilot and descriptive data necessary for hypothesis generation, study design, preliminary power analyses, and recruitment projections for studies under development by the network. The CCDP is a valuable resource to the network and helps stimulate new research protocols, identify potential need for non-network partners to access additional patient populations, and provide a descriptive understanding of the critically ill infants and children cared for within the network.

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