Physiologic variables are measured only in the first 4 hours of PICU care, and laboratory variables are measured in the time period from 2 hours before PICU admission through the first 4 hours.

-Pollack MM, Dean JM, Butler J, et al: The ideal time interval for critical care severity-of-illness assessment. Pediatric Critical Care Med 2013; 14:448-453

PRISM III Calculator

Variable Variable Values
*Endocrine, hematologic, musculoskeletal, and renal systems of primary dysfunction are defined as ‘low risk.’
Admission source
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation within 24 hr before PICU admission
Cancer (acute or chronic)
Low-risk systems of primary dysfunction*
Neurologic variable subscore
Non-neurologic variable subscore

Estimated probability of mortality:

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